About S:t Jakobs

S:t Jakobs kyrka in Gothenburg is a part of Equmeniakyrkan (Uniting Church in Sweden) and a former congregation within the United Methodist Church. In 2011, the Mission Covenant Church of Sweden, the Baptist Union of Sweden and the United Methodist Church of Sweden formed Equmeniakyrkan. Uniting Church in Sweden (UCS) strives to be a church for all aspects of life where the encounter with Jesus Christ transforms me, you and the world. S:t Jakobs kyrka was established in 1889 as a Methodist Episcopal Church within the Swedish Annual Conference as one of several Methodist churches in Gothenburg. The Church building at Parkgatan 4 was consecrated in 1928 and has since served as a home for worship and prayer, singing and pastoral care in the wesleyan tradition, and still is. Today the congregation has more than 200 members. Our services are held in Swedish but if you are interested in an English spoken service, please let us know. Telephone: 031-711 37 00 E-mail: info[at]stjakob.se

Text: Leif Tullhage
Former Pastor in S:t Jakob